Value Added Tax

Companies and institutions whose earnings exceed a certain threshold within four quarters are required by law to register with the Department of VAT and to declare income and pay taxes due every three months.

Our company has a dedicated team experienced in VAT to handle your company's relationship with the Ministry of Finance through the reporting of earnings, filling out forms and payment of taxes.

In addition, the team performs the following responsibilities:

  • Value added tax register book keeping.
  • Registration of your organization at the Department of VAT.
  • Following up with the Department of VAT in regards to your company.
  • Filling out forms, preparing quarterly statements and the payment of value added taxes by the  due dates.
  • Filling out and submitting annual forms and statements.
  • Updating the Department of VAT about any relevant changes in your company.
  • Informing you of all the updates in the laws and administrative memoranda related to the value added tax.