Payroll Tax

The Ministry of Finance has established an independent department for taxes on salaries and wages. The law requires every company or institution that has employees to register with this department and declare their wages every three months.

Aldeeb for Consulting and Auditing has a team dedicated for this kind of taxes who prepares the payroll tax statement, checks its content, and calculates taxes due based on the amount of wages and duration of employment.

In addition, the team has the following responsibilities:

  • Payroll tax book keeping.
  • Registration of the institution at the department of payroll taxes.
  • Registration of the employees at the department of payroll taxes.
  • Preparing and submitting the quarterly and annual payroll tax statements.
  • Payment of tax due during the statutory period.
  • Update the department of payroll taxes with any changes in the status of the company or its employees.
  • Inform you of all the updates in the laws and administrative memoranda related to tax on salaries and wages.