Feasibility Studies

Investors in different economic sectors (commercial, industrial, service or self-employed) are interested in a reference guided by the analysis of their financial situation and planning for future projects. Based on this interest, the Department of Studies and Research prepares feasibility studies for the owners of these projects.

A feasibility study for any project consists of the following basic elements:

  • Marketing feasibility.
  • Technical feasibility.
  • Financial feasibility.
  • Economic feasibility.
  • Social benefit.
  • Environmental impacts.
  • Methods and setup of loan repayments.
  • Preparation of the feasibility study containing the above elements, in addition to sensitivity analysis of the project, financial ratios and summary of the result.

Some of the feasibility studies prepared by the Department of Studies and Research is centered around the theme of:

  • Automatic bread ovens.
  • Ovens cakes.
  • Recycling of plastics.
  • Recycling of rubber.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • The role of entertainment.
  • Hotels.
  • Apartments furnished.
  • Trade buildings.
  • Hospitals and health centers, comprehensive.
  • Tourist resorts.
  • Rock mining and transport companies.
  • Poultry farms.
  • Cattle farms.
  • Home and office wood furnishing.
  • Rock and stone tiles manufacturing.
  • Schools, institutes and cultural centers.
  • Manufacturing of nylon bags.
  • Food industry.
  • Manufacturing of intercalation (pickles).
  • Olive oil press.
  • Nut roasting.
  • Gypsum decoration.
  • Manufacturing of bricks.
  • Sports stadiums.
  • Electronic Industries.
  • Various other projects.