Other Services

Aldeeb for Consulting and Auditing offers a complete set of professional services to its agents through the work of an expert team in all specialized fields. With many years of experience, the agency’s establisher and highly skilled team of consultants provide services in external & internal auditing, financial & management auditing, manual & computerized accounting support services, accounting systems consultancy, mergers and acquisitions, and economic avail studies. We offer our expertise to help our agents achieve their goals.

The office includes a specialized department for research and studies that have given a series of lectures on:

  1. Administration and finance in hospitals and health centers (1999)
  2. VAT (2001)
  3. Legal and financial organization of institutions (2003)
  4. Income tax and indirect taxes (2004)

The above department is now producing a regular printout to be distributed to our agents only so that they can catch up with all the laws, decrees, and systems issued by official centers.

We are devoted to helping customers increase productivity and reduce costs. This devotion has made our company and the companies we represent recognized names in the market. We are delighted to have witnessed over the years our customers growing in size and becoming more successful in their respective markets. Aldeeb has been able to tap into many industrial sectors and we have helped many customers explore their full potential, whether in terms of product development or market enlargement. Today, Aldeeb for Cosulting and Auditing is active in a variety of sectors and is reaching out to new sectors of the market.

Feasibility Studies

Investors in different economic sectors (commercial, industrial, service or self-employed) are interested in a reference guided by the analysis of their financial situation and planning for future projects. Based on this interest, the Department of Studies and Research prepares feasibility studies for the owners of these projects. Read more...

Internal Regulations

Each facility needs to develop its internal systems in order to adjust its business, manage departments, supervise the work of its staff, study the quantity and quality of production, and other issues that underlie the foundation to achieve its objectives.

Aldeeb for Consulting and Auditing prepares and issues such internal regulations, under the control and supervision of legal advisers, where all these regulations are subject to state laws and legislative decrees in force. Examples of these regulations include: financial, personnel, administrative, cycle of documents and other regulations that the department assist in the development of controls to prevent loss of funds or the decline in production, etc.

Financial system: This system regulates the preparation, monitoring and implementation of financial business in all branches and parts of the organization. It also identifies ways to preserve the assets of the organization, controlling cash  received and secures monitoring of its disbursement.

Personnel system: includes defining roles and responsibilities, how to apply for jobs and conditions of hiring. It also includes a series of grades and salaries, and the powers and responsibilities of staff and their rights.

Management system: deals with naming of departments within the institution, such as public administration, financial management, executive management, sales management, procurement, marketing, warehouse management and others. It also determines the rules of the interrelationship between them and the task of each department and their relationship with their staff.

Other systems, such as dealing with publications and documents regarding the organization, book keeping these documents and controlling their circulation among the departments, personnel authorized to sign them and those who oversee the monitoring and control. In addition to that, it includes multiple systems required by the management for specific purposes.

Social Security

  • Social security book keeping.
  • Registration of the institution at the department of social security.
  • Following up with the department of social security in regards to any company employees.
  • Filling out and submitting monthly or quarterly statements and paying any dues during the statuary period.
  • Filling out and submitting the annual names forms.
  • Updating the department of social security with any changes in the status of the company or its employees.
  • Informing you of all the updates in the laws and administrative memoranda related to social security.

Trading Register

We also specialize in registering your company in the department of trading registers and following up with the department in regards to your company.


Aldeeb for Consulting and Auditing recognizes the critical importance of maintaining the best quality of service and the best quality and standards of staff. The company offers a wide range of innovative training programs for our technical and business staff. Seeking assistance from various principals, universities and technical education institutions, we are able to consistently improve the quality of our services to satisfy the demands of our customers. Read more...